Dance to the beat
       is a dance school based
   in Basingstoke.

At Dance to the Beat we pride ourselves in offering quality dance classes for everyone from pre-school children to adults.

We offer quality dance classes in Basingstoke. Our venues are Queen Marys College and Bermuda Hall in Popley.

Dance to the beat is an award winning, British championship street dance school.

Dance to the beat is run by fully qualified dance teachers who hold current DBS checks and are first aid trained. Our qualified teachers train regularly to ensure our students are gaining the best from their dance class.

We are now registered with the UDO United Dance Organisation and BDO British Dance Organisation to enable our students if they wish to take street dance exams and enter competitions.

Our dance styles include Ballet and Street. We are able to offer exams to students who wish to take them however this is not compulsory and most of our students come to have fun and learn the latest moves.

Each year student’s work towards an annual showcase held at the local theatre. These shows are always hugely popular and each year we give a percentage of the money raised to different charities.

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UDO Dance Championship

Latest News (scroll down for more)

This year has been a roaring success so far with Dance to the beat entering many competitions around the south already. We have achieved such huge success at every event and the success keeps growing.

Dance to the beat recently took part in a 101 Events street dance competition and we came away with the following results:

Team over 16 advanced 1st place
Solos – 1 x 1st 1 x 2nd 1 x 3rd and 1 x 5th
Duets – 1 x 1st 1 x 2nd 2 x 4th
We have all qualified for the 101 events final on 24th November 2019

At the last BDO competition our crew DTB came 4th.

Dance Show

Dance to the beat will hold their annual dance show on Sunday 30th June 2019 at Queen Marys College. This show is focusing on the amazing improvements every class has made over the last 6 months. It will also include the students own choreography.

Tuesday 5:30-6:15pm
Competition class (open to all)
Junior Street
Senior Street
Competition Crew class
At Central Studio
Queen Marys College
Thursday 4:30-5:00
Street Dance
Competition Crew class
At Bermuda Hall Popley

We are always adding to our timetable so please check back frequently.

If there is a class you would like to see us do please let us know.


Sam & Charlie

Samantha Pike – Senior teacher

Samantha has been dancing since she was old enough to stand. She competed in many competitions from the age of 4 and was a national champion for 8 years running. Samantha also represented England for the European championships in Holland and came 3rd out of all of the European countries. Dancing is a passion for her and she has spent many hours performing on stage and theatre doing what she does best. To date Sam has choreographed and executed over 10 dance shows of her own for Dance to the beat. More recently Sam has gone back to competing and has recently been placed 1st at the age of 34!

Charlie Stroud – Teacher

Charlie was an original member of Move and Groove in Tadley before Dance to the beat took over. She came to dancing as an enthusiastic and clearly very talented dancer. She has grown in every way into the dance teacher she is today. Charlie is a British Champion street dancer and always gets awarded at competitions.

Charlie & Lexie

Charlotte Tordoff – assistant teacher

Charlotte was an original member of Move and Groove in Tadley before Dance to the beat took over. Charlotte has always had amazing grace and poise and this sits nicely with her sassy attitude which she unleashes when she dances. Charlotte has been an assistant teacher for over 3 years with the younger classes and the younger students look up to her for support and help when needed. Charlotte is a British champion.

Lexie Siddals – assistant teacher

Lexie came to dance to the beat as a quiet, shy and reserved young lady. To say it didn’t take long for Lexie’s talents to shine through would be an understatement. Not only is Lexie kind and caring with the younger children but they watch her dance and are mesmerized by her strength and determination.